Floating Candles and Wedding Centerpieces

Why are  floating candles a popular choice for wedding candle centerpieces?  They offer versatility in various sizes and color combinations for wedding décor ideas but more importantly they are inexpensive and affordable.  We offer the largest collection of 38 trendy colors online, essential for color coordinating.  Whether you’re getting married in the fall, winter, spring or summer, we have candle colors available for all seasons from classic white, ivory and black to colorful shades of purple, pink, green and yellow to rich warms tones of brown, toffee and caramel.  Check out our colorwheel

Once you’ve chosen the right size and color for your floating candle the next step would be to choose a beautiful centerpiece candle holder that will complete the desired effect you’re trying to achieve.  There are several options available for floating candle holders, it all depends on whether you are looking for something simple or elaborate.  If you’re looking for a classic elegant candle holder, you may want to consider our Athens Pedestal Holders available in three sizes which work very well with floating candles or pillar candles.  Surprisingly there are some pillar candle holders that can be used for floating candles as well.

Once you’ve established a theme and color scheme have some fun choosing from our colorful candles and candle holders to make your special day memorable for you and your guests.

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